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What is in Immune Formulation 200®?

It contains the therapeutic compositions of three amino acids, glutamine, cysteine, glycine and a co-factor called selenomethionine needed for the proper intracellular synthesis.

What is the difference between this glutathione and the glutathione supplements that can be bought in the store?

Immune Formulation 200® is NOT Glutathione, but rather a proprietary blend of amino acids that your body is able to use to synthesize glutathione within the cell. It is a patented dietary supplement that reduces oxidative stress. Intracellular glutathione is the oldest and most potent antioxidant.

How do I take this product?

It comes in a powder form that can be taken orally or added to a liquid or food. It has a slightly sweet taste due to the one amino acid, glycine. Many prefer putting it directly under the tongue and then drinking liquid to wash it down. It is dispensed in 100g canisters which would normally last approximately two months for an adult.

Any issues with allergies?

No, the amino acids that are used in Immune Formulation 200® are innate to the human body meaning your own body produces them naturally.

Are there any drug interactions?

There are no known drug interactions, however, we do not recommend taking additional selenium since the cofactor used also improves selenium levels.

Are there any side effects or patients that should not take the supplement?

There are no known adverse effects of anyone who has been on this supplement. The product is natural to the human body.

Is there any contraindication to taking Immune Formulation 200® ?

If you are pregnant, we recommend you check with your doctor before taking. If you have a rare genetic disorder called Cystinosis, we recommend you contact your medical provider. If you do have this condition, it is recommended that you increase the citrus fruits in your diet as well to keep the urine alkaline. 

Do I discontinue other glutathione supplements once starting Immune Formulation 200® ?

Yes, you should discontinue other glutathione supplements seeing, as these block the body’s ability to product glutathione on its own.

Is Immune Formulation 200® Patented?

Yes, U.S. Patent RE 2963131.